ASB Clubs and Activities:

Columbia High School is a member of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA).  CHS is proud to offer students the opportunity to participate in a number of clubs and activities.  If you are interested in participating in one or more of the following clubs and activities, contact the CHS office or the appropriate advisor from the list of clubs and activities below.

Getting Involved at Columbia High

Most students at Columbia are involved in sports and/or clubs.  They help build our school community and allow students to explore their interests while developing their leadership skills. We encourage all students to find something that they are interested in and then try to stick with it for several years. Columbia High School offers many after-school activities and clubs.  All clubs must complete a charter each year and get approval from ASB.  Visit the club adviser listed below to find out more information about the club and how to join.  Get involved at CHS and make a difference in our school and community.

Columbia High School Club Guidelines:

  • The club has a clear purpose with a written mission statement and written goals and objectives

  • The club does not duplicate the purpose, mission or activities of another CHS Club (applications will be first come, first served)

  • The Club has completed and submitted the appropriate “ASB Club Charter” application form during the open application period for approval

  • Club positions will be elected after the first official meeting held by the official club member and club member understand they must vote with official chartered members for the current school years.

  • The student requesting the club will not automatically be given the Club President position.

  • The Club does not discriminate on any grounds and is inclusive and open for ALL Columbia High School students to join and participate


Associated Student Body (ASB):

The ASB takes on a tremendous responsibility not only to serve their fellow students, but also to represent CHS.  The work of an ASB Officer is an essential part of the well-being of the entire CHS community and they accept significant responsibility for the direction our school will take in the coming year.  Serving as an ASB Officer may be challenging, but it’s extremely rewarding, the leadership skills learned and used are essential skills everyone needs. Elections are held each spring and are open to all grade levels.

ASB Advisor: Peter Knowles

ASB Class Officers:

Class Officers are elected to serve their peers.  From running class meetings to sponsoring class events, the officers are dedicated to making everyone feel welcome at CHS.  Class officers, like ASB Officers, are called to service and while the position is sometimes challenging, the skills learned are valuable and the work is rewarding.