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Financial Aid & Scholarships

 Use the calendar below to find upcoming scholarships available to Columbia students. 




Scholarship Information

  • Ready Set Grad! Information about college admissions, FAFSA, career planning, etc.
  • WASHINGTON STATE OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIP- College scholarships, additional support and professional development opportunities for Washington students studying high-demand science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and health care fields in-state.

LINK: How to write a winning scholarship essay

A number of scholarships are available for students graduating from Columbia and proceeding on to further studies. The calendar below shows scholarships and other counseling related dates and deadlines. To see more information about any of the events shown, click on the title. To see events in a list format, click the "Agenda" tab at the right.




FAFSA and FSA ID Tips for ParentsHere is a helpful YouTube video explaining step-by-step how to set up a FAFSA account.

$ for College~Ready Set Grad

Federal Student Aid

Direct Subsidized vs Unsubsidized Loans

SALT: FINANCIAL LITERACYMany students fail to understand the impact of their college loans until it’s too late. Get help now.


Financial Aid Presentation  




Quick Reference

CHS Scholarship Application Procedure


Presentation Folder

Cover page

Title of scholarship

Due date of scholarship

Name of applicant

School name and address

Photograph of student

OPTIONAL: Quote, Border

Application Form

Typed application form (may print if neat and clear handwriting).

Achievements (always fill this portion with achievements even though applicant is including their personal profile).

WATCH OUT for due dates!

Student Essay, Statement, Letter or Parent Statement/Letter

Always title the essay or statement.

Write the essay, statement or letter following requested criteria of the scholarship application. Handwritten essay/letter may be requested.

Double space with minimum 12-point type

Type applicant’s name and sign at bottom of each essay, statement or letter. Parent statement should also be printed and signed.

Parent Financial Statement/Letter signed by a parent.

Personal Profile, Summary of Qualifications or Resume SHOULD HAVE:

Applicant’s address, phone number, email address

Education: school, address, phone number of each high school attended (if applicable)

GPA, rank, and SAT/ACT scores

Offices & Leadership Positions


Volunteer & Community Service

Awards and Honors

Work Experience, Co-curricular Activities or College Courses

Official transcript

Must have official seal of Columbia High School.

Do not photo copy transcripts…must be originals.

Order transcripts from CHS office 48 hours in advance.

Letter(s) of Recommendation and Evaluation Forms

Applicant needs to request letters and evaluation forms at least 3 weeks in advance.

Staple personal profile for letter writer/evaluator to refer to.

Letters need to be written with the criteria requested by each scholarship. (Example: a community service scholarship should specifically address the applicant’s volunteer service).


Awards, Honors, Athletic Letters, Scholar, etc.

Newspaper clippings should highlight the student.

Reduce size of awards, letters, to fit several on one page