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Amie Ell » Grading & Attendance Policies

Grading & Attendance Policies


In this class you will be graded using a system that may be different than what you have experienced in other classrooms.  Your achievement in this course will not be measured in accumulated points from tests, quizzes, and homework, as is common in many classes. Instead, you (the student) will work with me (the teacher) to demonstrate your proficiency in various learning standards. This system of assessment is commonly known as standards-based grading, or SBG.  This aspect of traditional grading is one reason SBG is so different. Using SBG, each graded element is clearly connected to the standard that it is meant to assess. So students with the same “grade” on an assessment really understand the material at the same level. And that helps the students, and the teachers, find ways to move forward together to reach the desired learning outcome.


Benefits of the standards-based grading system:

  • Standards and their assessments have very clear learning targets.
  • Students are allowed multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency
  • All students will achieve to their highest desired potential
  • Clear standards help students track and monitor progress and prepare to meet expectations
  • Mastering standards prepares students for future classes and focuses on state learning requirements

Summative Assessments

These are designed to help you prove that you have mastered the standards.

Example Assignments: Unit Tests, Projects, Presentations, Investigations, + more

These assessments are 100% of your overall grade


Any summative assessment may be retaken with proof of completion of all related formative assignments and additional study/practice for mastery.  All students will strive reach a level above 2


Summative Assessment Scoring and Indicators:

For a more detailed scale visit or request a paper copy from Mrs. Ell.

  • Level 4 (100%/A)= Advanced, I understand the content/skills completely & can explain in detail.
  • Level 3 (83%/B)= Proficient,  I understand the important things about the content/skills.
  • Level 2 (67%/D+)= Developing, I have a general understanding, I’m confused about important parts.
  • Level 1 (50%/F) = Beginning, I need lots of help from my teacher (one-on-one).
  • Level 0 (0%/F) = No Basis, I do not provide any responses for which a judgment can be made

Formative Assignments

These are designed to help you to prepare and practice.

Example Assignments:  Vocabulary, Skill Sheets, Study Guides, + more  

Students will not be allowed to take a summative assessment until all formative assignments are complete


Formative Assignment Score Descriptions:

x Missing (0)        ✓ Needs Improvement/Partially Complete (1 or 2) + Proficient (2 or 3)

Work Ethic Reflections

Designed to encourage positive work behaviors and encourage self-reflection and improvement.

Teacher will also monitor and record work ethic observations.  


Work Ethic Indicators:

  • Prompt, Prepared and Reliable
  • Positive & Cooperative
  • Thorough, Complete and Responsible
  • Self-Motivated, Problem Solver, & Self Disciplined

ATTENDANCE:  The skills we will be learning in class all build upon one another.  It is important to be present so as not to acquire learning gaps that may hinder your learning.  If you must be absent be aware that it is your responsibility to set up a time to catch up on what you have missed.  Please make contact with me in an email with your name, class missed, and absence dates in the subject line.  It is best to do this before or on the day you are absent if possible.  All students must make contact with me before the end of the first day of your return to school.  All unexcused absences will be reported to administration. Any prolonged absences need to be pre-approved with both the teacher and administration at least one week before absence.  


Make-up work will not be accepted if an absence is unexcused.



Any student may come in to work in my classroom during “Working Lunch Wednesdays.” to work on their own. Study tables with teacher mentors are available in the library on early release days and in our CLC after/before school program.  Students may also set up a time and day to meet with me before school or after school.