American Gov't, Day 1


Welcome to American Government!

We'll hit the ground running with a quick game of Kahoot! to see what you already know about the things you'll be learning about in class this term.

No pressure, but do the best you can with these questions about your government.  

Before we begin today's activities, go to the Google Classroom site and join your class. Use the appropriate code  to join the correct class. Your class code: 9euf3qh

Once you've signed up, find a Google Document there called Foundations of Government. This Study Guide will form the backbone for class activities and for your notes during our first unit. Take some time to look it over while waiting for others to get there.

It's the first day of class, and that means a bunch of paperwork for you.

We won't go through it all today, but you will have it to refer to later, and we'll be discussing aspects of it as the course gets going. For today, get a packet of information and a couple of separate pages to have signed and returned.

We'll read though the Chromebooks in the Classroom policy together. Ask questions as you have them. Once you've understood the policy and signed off on it, you'll be assigned a Chromebook to use for the rest of the trimester.

You'll find all the information online, too, anytime you need it. Just go to the Class Policies page.


You'll get a copy of the textbook to take with you today.

You'll use this textbook for out of class reading assignments (aka "Homework") throughout the term, so take it with you today and leave it where you'll be doing your homework. Maybe that's a place at home, or, if you do your homework here at school, maybe that will be your locker. Either way, you do not need to bring it back to class until the last day of class.