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American Government: States & Capitals

One of the requirements in this course is learning the location of the 50 states and the names of their capitals. You'll have many chances to show what you know about this. Your first chance is coming soon, so to see how ready you are you may want to do a little review. Try one or more of these sites to help you learn them.

Do as much review in class as you need. You'll have a chance to show what you know soon. 

American Government: Current American Problems
As a term-long focus, you'll be asked to choose a problem that exists in our country today and to follow it in the news as the course progresses. As we get closer to the end, you'll write a report that will explain the past, present, and possible future of your problem. The links below are resources you can use to complete your project.

Each week you'll need to turn in ONE current event report that reflects a new news story about your chosen topic. What you'll want to do for each report is:

  1. Locate a news story about your topic. Ideally, the news story will be from the current week, though sometimes you'll have to reach back a week or two. But it should be from the current month. If it's older than that, check with Mr Knowles to see if it will still work.
  2. Take some time reading the news story to see if it offers new information for you. If there's nothing new in it, find a different one.
  3. Once you've decided to use the news story, fill out this report form completely. NOTE: There are a number of questions on the form, and you cannot save it mid-way through, so leave yourself 10 to 15 minutes to complete the form. This should give you enough time to complete it in one session.
  4. After you've submitted your report, check your Google Drive. You should receive a shared Google Doc that contains all your responses. You can edit the document later if you wish, but even if not, you'll have your responses preserved for later, which will make it much easier to write your final report. (Here's a sample of what you'll get back.)

Once you've done this, you're done until the next week, though you're welcome, of course, to keep reading, learning, and thinking about your topic.


>>>A note about iBoss:

If you do your work at school, you may find yourself blocked from some news sites by the school filtering system. If you find yourself blocked from a news item that you want to use, please follow these steps:

  1. Open a new email to Mr Knowles at
  2. Type "iBoss" in the subject line
  3. Copy/paste the URL that you want to visit in the body of the email.
  4. Copy/paste the "Block Reason" in the body of the email.
  5. Send the email.

Unfortunately, the filtering system used at school was recently updated and many of the previous sites that had been allowed need to be re-set. Other sites are new, and need to be added to the acceptable sites list. And some will need to remain blocked, but please let Mr Knowles know anytime you come across a blocked site that you think you should be able to access. It's the only way that the filter will be improved.