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Chemistry B (T2, P2,3)

Kevin Olin


Course Description

Course Description - This course is an introductory course of chemistry. The focus of  the course is to prepare you for further studies in the field of chemistry and other areas of science.  The major components of this class will be on manipulation and computation of data, problem solving, chemistry theory and laboratory practices.  Many concepts in chemistry are abstract and may be difficult to grasp.  It is only with a great deal of reading and practice that you will be successful.  Some of the areas to be considered:   measurement, matter, atomic structure, electron configuration, periodic law, bonding of elements, composition, stoichiometry, gas laws, oxidation and reduction reactions,  ionization, solutions, history of chemistry and chemical nomenclature. Laboratory activities and demonstrations will aid in solidifying the concepts in lecture and provide you with basic laboratory practices. 

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