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Algebra I Enrichment Trimester 1 (Period 5)

Doug Avon
2017-2018 School Year
This course allows students to practice and review pre-algebra concepts while preparing for the regular Algebra I course.

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Past Assignments


Monday 11/13/17:  Warm Up.  Would you rather buy a bag of candy at 2 for $7.00 (10.5 oz. size) or 2 for $4.00 (4.4 oz size)?  Explain with mathematical reasoning.
Also, do book pg 230 --all, pg 233 --#1 only, pp 237 - 238 --all (It's not as much as it seems.)
Tuesday 11/1417  (all present)
Wednesday 11/15/17  Warm up:  Would you rather...1.) reduce faucet use by 20% or take 15% shorter showers?  2.) required to carry 30 bath towels or 80 bars of soap?  (Explain your answer with mathematical reasoning
Also, do book, pg 243 "Your turn", pg 246, #4 only, Home work:  Solve for "t":  t + 295 = 415 
Thursday 11/16/17  Warm up:  (Pick up at school)  
Also, do book  pages 250-252 for homework
Friday 11/17/17:  Warm up:  Book, page 254, #11, 12
Also, do book page 256--both "Your Turn" problems  and page 258, #4
Home work:  (study for Final), do pages 262-263 + Study Guide (see attached form)


Monday 11/6/17:  all present
Tuesday  11/7/17:  all present
Wednesday 11/8/17:  Warm up: (see attached file).  Also, do from book, p 221 all, p 223 #6, p 224 #10-12.  
Thursday 11/9/17


Monday 10/30/17:  Warm Up,

Six volumes an Excyclopaedia are stacked on a shelf.  Billy the book worm begins by eating through the front cover of the first volume and eats his way down through, and including, the back cover of volume six. Calculate the length of his meal.


Front cover 6mm thick

Pages 3.3cm thick altogether

Back cover 6mm thick

also, do book page 155, all
Tuesday, 10/31/17  all present, book, pg 160 all
Wednesday 11/1/17 
Warm Up: 

Warm Up 11/1/17   Beginning at the “Start” with 100 on your calculator.  What is the largest and smallest total you can end up with at the “Finish”.  You can only travel in the direction of the arrows.

(see attached file)
Also, do book, page 164 (evens)
Thursday, 11/2/17: 
Warm Up:  

Belinda is thinking of a number.  Can you guess the number from the clues?  What is the smallest number of clues you need to identify this number?

Clue 1:  When the number is divided by “5” the remainder is “0.”

Clue 2:  When this number is divided by “6” the remainder is “2.”

Clue 3:  If you add “10” to this number you will get a multiple of “10.”

Clue 4:  When this number is divided by “3” the remainder is “2.”

Clue 5:  The digits used to make this number add up to “5.”

Also, do book, page 166 & 167 (all) for Chp test 4 review

Friday 11/3/17 Chp 4 test



Monday 10/23/17:  Warm Up, book pages 138 - 140.  Do page 139 all.
Tuesday:  10/24/17 All were present
Wednesday 10/25/17:  Warm Up:  ½ ÷ 1/3 ÷¼ ÷ 1/5=____ Also, try to explain why the answer is a whole number. ___________________________________________________________________
Then show your homework from yesterday, in book, page 145, pick 3 from problems 19-24.  Also do #26, then do page 146 "Progress Check Chp 4-1 (all.)


Monday 10/16/17:  Warm Up (See attached file), book pages 114 - 118  (evens), plus "How Are Dog Catchers Paid?" worksheet--pick up at school when you return.
Tuesday 10/17/17:  Warm Up: In just 3 minutes, find as many as many different fractions as possible which have a value between seven tenths and eight tenths. (caculators are ok)
Also, read book pages 119-122, and do page 123 evens, then read pages 125-128, and do page 129 odds.
Wednesday 10/18/17:  Warm Up:  (See attached file), prepare for Chp 3 test by doing book pages 131-133.
Thursday:  10/19/17:  Warm Up:  (See attached file), take Chp 3 test
Friday:  10/20/17:  Warm Up:  (See attached file), finish Chp 3 test, plus take Chp 4 pre-test


Mon 10/19/17:  Warm Up:  (See attached file), book, pages 99-100:  do all "Your Turn" problems in the green shaded boxes.
Tues 10/10/17:  Warm Up:  (See attached file), book pages 103 & 104- evens
Wed 10/11/17:  Warm Up:  (See attached file), cont with page 104
Thurs 10/12/17:  Warm Up:  (See attached file), cont with page 104 
Fri 10/13/17:  Warm Up:  (See attached file), book pages 105-112, then do page 113, (odds)


Mon 10/2/17:  Warm Up:  Would you rather share 5/6 of a brownie plate with 5 friends or 6/7 of a plate with 6 friends?  Explain.  Lesson 3-1 "Greatest Common Factors";  Do book page 86 #1,3,6; HW  page 87-88, #9-33 (odds) About 30 minutes was allowed in class to complete homework
Tue 10/3/17:  Warm Up:  Ken-Ken Puzzles (get copy at school), Reviewed homework, completed in class to #27
Wed 10/4/17  Warm up:  Michael Jordan makes $100,000,000 per year from endorsements.  How much money does he make per month?  per week?  per day?  per hour?  per minute?  per second?  Also Finish vocab, book pg 88 #29-32.
Thur 10/5/17:  Warm Up: Ratios

1.)  What do you think is the meaning of the word:  “ratio”?

“A ratio is….____________________

2.)  Give an “example” of a ratio (using numbers and/or symbols)

Word Problem:  

3.)  To make “punch” for the party, the recipe says that for every 3 liters of “7-up,” you need to add 1 liter of pineapple juice.  You already have 17 liters of “7-up”,  so how much of each juice do you still need to buy so that you have no leftovers, but spend the least?

Also, do book pages 89-90, Do "your turn" problems.  (there are only 3 of them.)
Friday 10/6/17, Warm Up:  

Mr. Kane has a cube-shaped water container in his Honda Ridgeline pick up truck.  It measures 3 feet on each edge.  If he fills up the container with water, how much will it weigh?  Is his Honda strong enough to carry the load? (Think about what information and or steps would you need to solve this.)

Total (loaded) weight: __________________________

Can the truck handle it? _____________

Also, do book pages 92-93 (evens) + page 94 (progress check)


Mon 9/24//17:  Warm Up:  One-Step Equations (Advanced);  Lesson 2-4 "Add & Subtract Decimals" book pages 68 #15-21; Lesson 2-5 "Multiply Decimals" book page 74 (all); Chinese Number activity
Tue 9/25/17:  Warm Up:  PEMDAS practice;  Lesson 2-5 "Dividing Decimals" book page 78 #15-22;  PEMDAS game (in class only)


Mon 9/18/17:  Warm Up: Sliced bread puzzle; Finish Crossword Vocab puzzle, Group Review for Chp 1 Test
Tue 9/19/17:  Warm Up:  Would you rather...;  Chp 1 Test;  Chp 2 Pretest
Thur 9/21/17:  Warm Up:  Ma & Pa Kettle Math puzzle; Chp 1 Test Corrections;  Write goals from Chp 2 pretest
Fri 9/22/17:  Warm Up:  One Step Equations review;  Lesson 2-2 "Compare & Order Decimals" book pages 58-59 #9-26 AND Lesso 2-3 "Round Decimals" book page 64 #13-30;  Millionaire Game (in class only)


Wed 9/13/17:  Warm up:  Inference Puzzles; Progress Check #3 with corrections;  Solving One-Step Equations Lesson 1-7 book pages--39-40 #9-36
Thur 9/14/17:  Warm up:  TicTacToe Integers, Algebra Balancing Bar activity (in class only)