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Sophomore Home Page

Welcome Sophomores, the Class of 2019

Your sophomore year at Columbia is here, and that means you're moving on from last year's experiences and getting a fresh start with a new perspective. If you haven't found a club or sport to get involved in, take a look at them again to see if there's something that will spark your interests and make your sophomore year that much more rewarding.

Sophomore year also means state testing in the spring time, with results that have an impact on where you may go next, what classes you'll take, and what decisions will take you to your next stages in life. Do what you can to learn what you need to do well and you'll likely be ready for whatever tests are down the road.

This page will help you with updates, announcements, and suggestions to make this year your best year yet.

Your Sophomore Year Sponsors: Caitlin Cray and Shawn Friese

Your Sophomore Year Advisors: Amie Ell, Caitlin Cray, Shawn Friese, John Hallead, Steve Larsen

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