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Career and Technical Education
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Welcome to Columbia High School's Metalworking and Robotics Technology website! Please check out the above links to learn more about the programs that are available to all students in grades 9-12 at our school!



Program Mission

The mission for the Metalworking and Robotics program here at Columbia High School is for students to learn the knowledge, skills, habits, and attitudes that will help them be successful at post secondary training opportunities and ultimately their chosen career. 

If you have any suggestions or questions about the program please contact me at




Introductory Metalworking Technology Course

Students who sign up for this class will experience a number of activities that may include:


Blueprint reading and drafting

Safe Tool Use


Welding and Fabrication (GMAW, SMAW, OA, Plasma,GTAW)

Basic Electricity

Basic Machining 

Plasma CNC Technology


Introductory Robotics Course

Students who sign up for this class will experience activities which may include:



Safe Tool Use/Fabrication Techniques



Basic Electricity amd Soldering


Machine Assembly and Fasteners

3-D sketching



Students will be assessed on their learning in several areas and their grades recorded weekly. Students and parents can view their grades in Family Access by logging in with their Login ID and password. 

Daily Assignments/Effort/Participation

Students will complete their daily work and record this work in the "Daily Work Booklet" at the end of each period. Each period is worth a maximum of 10  points. Your instructor will monitor student progress and input grades weekly.  Students wishing to earn a high grade should consider the following:

             Students abs or disrespectful will earn=0 points

             Students on task a minority of the time will earn = max of 6 points

             Students on task a majority of the time will earn=8 points

             Students on task consistently will earn=10 points


Activity and Project Documentation

Students will document information in their activity and project packets. Students need to bring these packets with them each day and then turn them in for recording at the end of the activity or project. 



Students will be regularly assessed on their learning. See Family Access for scores. 


Outside of Class Learning

Students can earn credit for their learning in an area of interest related to their course. Students can choose from the following three choices:

1. Open shop.....students can choose to attend our open shop time to work on Projects of activities.These times include lunch times once a week and after school. See instructor for schedule. 

2. Internet research...students may chose an area of interest to learn more about and share that new info with their instructor. Topics have included underwater welding, ROV's, RC planes, welding, programming, how different objects work such as motors, submarines, themostadts, engines,generators, helicoptors, jet engines, cameras...really any technology

3. Pre-approved home projects... students can help their parents or other qualified adults with projects around the home to extend their learning. Projects have included building fences, rebuilding an engine, performing maintenance, fixing a dryer, installing a screen door, etc. Students will discuss their ideas with their instructor, take pictures of the process, write down what they learned and turn their hours into their instructor for credit.