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Angeline Stevenson Visual Arts Memorial** 5/10/2017
Tina Anderson Cosmetology Memorial** 5/10/2017
White Salmon Arts Council 5/10/2017
Republic Services 5/6/2017
White Salmon/Bingen Rotary 5/4/2017
Robert & Josephine Towers Medicine/Nursing** 5/1/2017
Darren Salka Memorial 5/1/2017
Bill & Cleo Sheckels 5/1/2017
Margaret Glader Memorial** 5/1/2017
Wayne and Dorothy Henkle Memorial** 5/1/2017
Mid-Columbia Knights of Columbus** 5/1/2017
Columbia River Fellowship for Peace** 5/1/2017
Esther Pearce Education Memorial** 5/1/2017
Matthew Petty Memorial** 5/1/2017
Wayne M. Henkle, MD 4/30/2017
The Brown Nursing 4/30/2017
Mt. Adams Orchards/Underwood Fruit Company 4/30/2017
White Salmon Steelheaders Memorial** 4/15/2017
White Salmon Education Association--Gerald Miller Memorial** 4/15/2017
Columbia High School Alumni Association** 4/15/2017
CASPE Career and Technical Education** 4/15/2017
Camp Columbia 4/15/2017
Doris Givan Memorial** 4/15/2017
White Salmon Lions Club** 4/15/2017
PEO Sisterhood, Chapter EB 4/14/2017
Harmony of the Gorge 4/14/2017
Elmer Lofgren Memorial** 3/31/2017
Nathan Wellman Music Memorial** 3/31/2017
Kelly Foundation Ewing C. Kelly Scholarship 3/10/2017
City of Bingen--AWC Center for Quality Communities 2/10/2017
Elks Foundation Legacy Award 2/3/2017
GE-Reagan Foundation 1/5/2017
AXA Achievement 12/15/2016
Elks Foundation Most Valuable Student 11/30/2016
Coca-Cola Scholars 10/31/2016
**Denotes Local Scholarships 8/30/2016