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Mrs. Davis
Mrs. Davis

           Welcome to Columbia High School Library
library north view

I'm looking forward to a great new 2016-17 school year. Thanks for checking out this site. Any questions, comments, concerns please email me at or stop in and see me during the school day!  Check out the request link where you can request special books/authors for me to add to the library collection and have available for check out.

The library is open before and after school as well as during student lunch time and serves as another eating and meeting place for students on campus. Microwaves are available for warming up your lunch. Please stop in, introduce yourself if we have not yet met.

 Our library has many things to offer students and staff, including:

  • 28 Student Computers for research & word processing
  • 30 Chromebooks for student use
  • Various newspapers and magazines for "hands on" reading & research
  • Books for pleasure reading as well as research projects
  • Citation source OWL @ Purdue
  • Our library collection uses the Follett library circulation system
  • Ongoing displays & special presentations on current topics 
  • Space for special events, banquets, award ceremonies, meetings, workshops, etc.
The "Reading Rock Cafe" was established in December 2000 where student musicans perform on Fridays during lunch in the library. Sign ups are available in the library or through this website link. Flyers are then posted the week of the event so all students know what's happening. Please talk to me or email to book a show.


Reading Rock jam session 2009
The first performance was on November 3, 2000 w
ith two students playing drums and guitar. 70 students showed up along with 6 staff members. Since then we have had poetry readings, local rock/alternative bands and fiddler players performing with up to 150 students and 21 staff members attending. With a student population of approximately 350 and staff at 30, that's a pretty good turn out! 


site updated 03.28.2017